Thursday, June 12, 2008

Muy rico!

One of the highlights of my week is going to our cooking class where we learn to cook meals that are typical of Costa Rica, especially in this region of Costa Rica. The food here is (as the locals say) "Muy rico!" (literally, "very rich", but means something like very good/delicious). Our whole family goes to this class and the kids love it. Tim loves it that I get inspired to cook at home!

I have a new hobby now of cooking "tico" style. I am learning not only from cooking class, but from new friends who either describe a dish to me or who have actually come over to teach me how to cook.

Last Sunday some friends came over and taught us how to make home made corn tortillas. Tim's tortilla turned out so perfect that they were amazed!

This Saturday we are traveling with some other friends to visit their family who want to teach me how to cook "platano"(plantain), my favorite food here. Muy, muy rico!


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Rebeca said...

Mmm, I want to come learn to cook too! Sounds like you are having some great times together. We'd love to come for a visit! Rebeca