Thursday, June 12, 2008

Laura's class goes on a field trip

Yesterday Laura's class went on a field trip and I got to go along. It is not cultural for dads to accompany their kids to Birthday parties or field trips so only the mom's are invited. This has been hard for Tim, who would love to come along.

Laura's Kindergarten class traveled by bus about 10 minutes farther up the country road from Tuis to an even smaller town called Platanillo. We met with a couple other Kindergarten classes at the very small country school in Platanillo.

This small school has a huge soccer field where the kids played games and had picnics while the moms watched, visited, or joined in on the games. It was a fun day and I enjoyed getting to see Laura interact with her classmates and teacher.

The girls in her class "fought" over who got to hold Laura's hand, who got to sit next to her, etc. One girl followed Laura so closely that if Laura stopped she ran into the back of Laura. There is not a "hands to yourself" rule in Costa Rican schools and it is seen as a good thing to be affectionate with your friends. Laura fits right in, but it is a little much when the other girls hang on her or try to lick her arms! After a while Laura was trying to hide behind rocks or trees to have a break from all the attention.


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