Friday, June 13, 2008

Friends in Costa Rica

Tim and Cindy with Sonia, our Maestra (teacher).
Notice Cindy has acclimated. She's wearing a jacket at 75 degrees.

Laura with Laura, the language school director, and her son Santiago (6mo). And Tanner's arm, too.

Tanner, Laura's brother, with Andres, the Director Laura's brother.

Laura with her best friend Catalina (7yo), Andres' daughter.

Laura and Tanner with Stephanie, a fellow language school student.


Tim and Tanner with Bernal, Ruben's son.

Mireya, Evelin and Shender, our neighbors.

Laura and Shender (4mo).

Tanner and Lilly (4yo), a fellow language school kid.

Laura and Joe (6yo), one of Lilly's brothers.

Laura and Brittany (4yo), our neighbor.

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