Monday, June 30, 2008

Girls' day out

A couple weeks ago Laura came with me to do the grocery shopping since she was to get a haircut. We made it a girls' day out and also went to the park, got ice cream (note the "ice cream face" in the photo), and after her haircut we went out to eat at a popular "soda". It was a lot of fun!

We arrived on time for Laura's haircut appointment and then we sat for over an hour before they were ready for Laura. This is an example of "Tico time". They did not apologize and did not seem at all concerned that we waited so long. Understanding that this is just part of the culture here helped me to not be angry. Laura looks so cute with her new haircut, which only cost $4 at a very nice salon!

At the soda I ordered us both a soda pop and hot dog. Since I have never gotten Laura pop before (except at the movies), she hugged me and cried. I guess it really meant a lot to her! She wanted to keep her bottle, but we both forgot to take it home.


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