Friday, March 5, 2010

Colegio Cristiano Avivando El Fuego, Tizate, Guatemala – EMI Project Trip #3

Two weeks ago I returned to Costa Rica from my third project trip with EMI. This was my fist trip as leader without a co-leader. We served Colegio Cristiano Avivando El Fuego (Fanning the Flames Christian School) in Tizate, Guatemala. Tizate is a small neighborhood across the highway from Pastores, near Antigua.

Colegio Cristiano is a ministry of Global Shore Opportunities, a Canadian based ministry. They provide Christian education to the poor of Tizate and the surrounding area. Currently they offer classes through third grade and intend to add a grade each year as their existing students continue. Eventually, they intend to have 350 students.

Here are some pictures from the trip.

Riding the school bus each morning:

Worship each morning with the students:

The students we served:

The site:


Final presentation:

Final Architectural design:
Rendering of Courtyard:

The team:

Thank you so much for praying for me and my family once again! This was a fantastic trip full of wonderful memories. I know it is because of your prayers that the project was a success, the team was flexible and my family did well in my absence. Thank you Jesus!  I love my job!



marcos cabrera said...

Tim... it was awesome seeing you online and checking this project out. Thanks for giving your life for my people...
As you know that i am about to begin the process of getting my certificate as a teacher. One of the biggest things that hindered me was the thought of leaving architecture because of emi...
I definitely wanted to go on project trips in the future and if God led to it, be more permanent. I loved my time with EMI, the organization, the vision and all of ya'll at the office... and it does not help that Atenas is my type of town. lol...
But on the plus side. I am connecting with a friend of mine and hoping to continue working in architecture during the summer time. So yeah... possibly a win win situation... Working with people and continuing with architecture.
thanks for sharing and for your Christliknes! Please say hello to Tom for me. I really miss that guy!!!

Unknown said...

What a blessing, to have your architectural designs! The staff, students and mission must be so excited, and encouraged, as well, just by your presence and love. I'm excited to see what God is doing through you! --Aunt Virginia


Absolutely loved reading about your newest exploits and see your photos. Especially liked your expression on the bus, Tim ; ) God is enabling you all to live a vibrant and useful life. Glory to God!