Sunday, April 11, 2010

Medical office at Hogar de Vida

Hogar de Vida now has a medical office/dispensary where I work and any medical staff/volunteers can work.  Recently an eMi spouse who is a physical therapist started volunteering and at the end of April a nurse is coming from the States to help for three months.  We also have a child-development specialist living on site now who will make use of this space.  I prayed for help and the troops are coming!

This is the exam area/work area.  It's missing a couple things like a scale and a sharps box.  I still mostly do house calls, but expect to have more visitors here as the idea catches on. 

Putting together First Aid kits to go in each car, house, and other key areas on campus.

Each child has a medical chart on campus where I keep track of meds, weights, appointments, illnesses, etc.

My desk, a kids desk for little workers, and a well-stocked medicine cabinet!

Almost all of these medications were donated by my church or from teams that come through.  Thank you!! Oh, and I wear scrubs now.  I love wearing them!

My cute little helper, Lucy.  She is living on campus with her missionary family.  Tim's mom made the adorable kid-size scrubs and I picked up a few toy doctor kit supplies here.  My hope/plan is to do "play therapy" with the kids, especially those who are so frightened of going to the doctor. 


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Jennifer said...

How AWESOME!! That looks so great - I can imagine how wonderful it feels to have it all organized and straight. As well as well stocked!!! Your talents and gifts put to use so well!