Sunday, November 29, 2009

Update/Prayer requests

I would first like to thank you for taking the time to stop by and read our blog.  Until very recently we have been doing our blog using a dial up connection which takes a lot of time and effort.  Your interest is very much appreciated!  With our new DSL connection we hope it to be less work to maintain our blog.  That's right, after almost a year of waiting we now have a DSL connection at our house! 

As for updates...

Some months ago we mentioned the possibility of our family becoming house parents at Hogar de Vida, the children's home where I voluteer as a pediatric nurse.  I don't think that I ever updated that information.  Well, Tim and I met with the directors to discuss this and it was decided that it was best for me to focus on working as a nurse.  Though they need more caretakers the concern is that if I take on the role of house parent I would not have any time to help manage the healthcare of the kids as well.  There is also an issue of not enough housing on campus for our family.  So it was decided that I would be given office space on campus to work from, which I now have!  I have all kinds of plans for the space and will take pictures when I'm all settled in (sometime in January).


I don't think that I ever posted a blog about my July trip to Chirripó.  If you would like to learn more about this trip and to see pictures (I was too busy to take very many pictures) you can visit: 

This coming week, December 2-5, I will be going on my 5th trip to Chirripó!  This will be an exploratory trip as we will be visiting two new villages who have asked for some time that we go there.  There will be 14 of us going on the trip and several of our indigenous friends will join us.  Some of the team will be putting on a church roof in one of the villages, some will be helping me in the clinic, and others will be praying with and for the people in each village.

Prayer requests for this Chirripó trip:

*Safety of our team.  It is supposed to be wet, rainy, and muddy the entire time.  If the river rises too high the trip will have to be canceled.  Please pray that if this happens we will find out before hiking many hours to the river. 
*Protection from illness and injury (including snake bites).
*Strength and endurance.  It will be a lot of hiking, around 20 hours on the trail over the 4 days. 
*We aren't exactly sure what our sleeping arrangements will be like in the new villages.  My guess is that it will be a spot on a dirt floor in an indigenous hut.  Please pray that it is a DRY spot free of any poisonous critters.
*Please pray that we have all that we need on the trip:  enough food, construction supplies, medical supplies.
*Please pray for Tim and the kids while I am away. 
 As always, we thank you for your prayers!  We couldn't serve here without them and that is a fact!



Rebeca said...

Thanks for the update... you're in my prayers!

Juan Strutton said...

I periodically check your blog to see how you guys are doing. It sounds like things are going well. Praise the Lord! I think of you often, and when I do I pray for your family. God bless. - Alicia

P.S. I can't find you on FB.