Thursday, April 9, 2009

January-April update

Well, I guess it's about time for an update! If Tim had not posted an entry about his first project trip it may appear that we are still in Oregon!

The last three months have been full of changes for our family and it has been a very busy time getting settled into life here in Atenas.

After enjoying the month of December in Oregon we left winter and snow for summer and sun in Costa Rica.

Our first couple weeks back were spent setting up house in Atenas. Never before and I doubt never again will we have to furnish an entire house at once! With our house feeling more like a home by mid January, Tim started working at the eMi office.

At the end of January I went on my third trip to ChirripĆ³ to work with the indigenous. It was a longer trip than usual and we had a large team of 26 people, mostly teens.

In February the kids started their school year and I started volunteering at a local orphanage, all while Tim was away on his first project trip!

The kids are very happy in school. Laura told me that school is "changing her life" because she loves it so much. Tanner had a rough start, crying every day for the first three weeks. Now he proudly tells me each day: "I didn't cry at school, mom!" He even takes a little bus to school in the mornings which is the highlight of his day.

Tuesday-Thursday mornings I volunteer at "Hogar de Vida" while the kids are at school. This orphanage has 30 kids ages infant to 7 years. While there I do everything from updating medical charts and taking kids to doctor appointments to giving medical advice and care when needed. The other day I had the joy of pulling large pieces of cotton out of a toddler's nose. This toddler has a chronic runny nose and I guess she found that this "treatment" worked well for her!

After school the kids play, work on homework including English studies, or we visit the library or orphanage or go to a friends house to visit and play. Then it's dinner, showers all around, pack school bags, put out school clothes, family devotions/prayer, and lights out at 7-7:30 pm (at least for the kids).As for prayer requests, we are still trying to adjust to all the changes and to a very busy schedule. Please pray that soon we will be in a "rhythm" that works well for our family. We've had some minor bouts of illness in the family recently, passing around the same cold that I probably picked up at the orphanage. Also, we are looking into why Laura has not been gaining weight. She'll have some tests (blood, stool, urine) at the end of this month. Please join us as we prayerfully consider becoming house parents at the orphanage. The director asked us to pray about it and get back to him by the fall. We are excited about the possibility, but not sure if it will work for our family.

We have felt the hand of God in our lives and we are so thankful for your prayers! We hope to do a better job of updating our blog now that we have internet at our house!


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Jennifer said...

I love reading about your life! I miss you and think of you often - Blessings to you my friends!