Wednesday, September 30, 2009

YWAM Gonaives, Haiti - EMI Project trip #2

Three days ago I returned to Costa Rica from my second project trip with EMI. We served YWAM in Gonaives, Haiti by designing a new base camp for them. We worked with Maula Jean-Marie a native of Gonaive. Maula was born in a Voodoo temple and after living a life overshadowed by the rituals of voodoo recognized its futility and offered his life to Jesus. Once delivered, he soon began to preach about the saving grace of our Lord. Suddenly, he was referred to as Pastor Maula. Recognizing the need to have more training, he attended Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in St. Marc, about 45 minutes from Gonaives. Now he desires to start a YWAM camp in Gonaive to reach and train the people in his home town. Here are some pictures of the trip.

The team's arrival in Port au Prince, Haiti airport:

Travel from Port-au-Prince to Gonaives. 13 guys in the back of a truck, six hours each way:

Gonaives, Haiti:

Starting each day with Worship:

Daily travel to the project site:

People who live around the project site:

Avery surveying the site:

Avery playing with the locals:

The project site:

Working on the project:

The final presentation in-country:

The team:

Thank you so much for praying for me and my family while I was gone. It was a difficult trip, fraught with spiritual oppression. It's because of the prayers of our supporters that we were able to be effective. Thank you.


Rebeca said...

Thanks for the pictures and update. You are in my prayers. Glad you're home safe and sound and all together again!

mdca9 said...

The pics look awesome! but I know it was a tough place. How images can deceive. Either way, it was great to see them!
Honestly, I wish to have expereinced a place like Haiti more than the clean cut Árbol de Vida... but God has it's purposes and I know I don't know what I am saying... if that makes any sense...
Blessings on this project and I hope that you have one more team that finishes before leaving!
Don't forget the white board! lol... that went a long way in getting ADV done...


liz h. said...

Cindy,Tim,Laura,Tim..Hi God bless you all. Jimmie and i have been praying for your family. We are so glad you all are doing well the pictures are awsome. I was in tears for all kinds of wonderful spritual feelings for the family. We truely miss you all. Laura and Tanner iam so amazed but not suprised to see the growth and how the holy sprit is so involved in each and every one of you. Looking at the pictures you really can tell that you are all working through the holy sprit..god bless you all so much..Love from Jimmie Dean and Liz.

Evan said...

Amazing ministry pics, guys! I'm one of the Third Option Men mission trip coordinators. We are planning a trip to Haiti this coming summer, and I wonder if we may use a couple of your shots. I have some from my trip last year after the quake, but your overhead street picture and guys in the back of the pickup would give a great, clear picture of what we'll experience. Thanks for your time (and feel free to come with us- the trip will be available for sign up next week at some point).

To the King,

Evan Dawson & T.O.M.