Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Church

I have meant to write about our church for some time now. I took pictures over a month ago, but haven't posted them.

Our church is held at Laura's grade school, in the outdoor gym. In November the church will be able to move to a new building that is almost finished. There, the indigenous home and the church will share the same building. That way the church will be used for full time ministry 7 days a week. CISA, the church, and the mission, "Voz Que Clama" (the indigenous home) are all connected by the same leadership. So, we start our day at school with devotions, worship, prayer, and giving thanks with some of the same people we go to church with!

We have been blessed by the people at this church who have welcomed us into their circle. The services and music are in Spanish. Though we often understand most of the message, we have yet to get the jokes. It's kind of embarrassing when everyone is laughing and you have no idea what the punch line was.

The kids go to the same class. It's one class for preschool through 6th grade. That teacher has her hands full, but she does a great job! The kids are very comfortable in the worship service and often sit with other "parents" in the church.

Note: dogs are welcome at the service, too!


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