Monday, September 15, 2008

August highlights

Here are the highlights from August since we didn't find the time to post August photos:

We spent July 30-August 10 in Atenas house sitting and dog sitting for our friends, the Bastians. Our good friend Wendy spent the first 2 1/2 days with us. We got to know Wendy in Tuis as she worked for CISA and was my walking partner. She has now moved back to the States and we sure miss her!!

This is what the kids did all week in Atenas! They had a blast on that trampoline! They also had fun playing with a playmobile castle, with Cindy the dog, and with LEGOS. Laura also spent hours drawing and painting. Tim and I played with the kids, read lots of books, and enjoyed sitting on the porch. We all enjoyed watching old classic Disney including all the Herbie the love bug movies. It was a great time to rest and rejuvenate.

Tanner was happy to be home in his own bed. (He really does sleep like this!) This is Henry, my teacher for the month of August. He kept me very busy with homework (which explains why I did not have time to blog). A very good teacher and very funny. Tanner learning to be like daddy.
Tim and I went for a 3 1/2 hour hike together, including a swim and a stop in La Suiza for some gatorade! It was such a nice time together without the kiddos.

Tim is now officially "in his 40's". Doesn't he look good for 41? Muy guapo! We had chocolate cake and burritos for his birthday. Our friends Andres, Carla, and their daughter Catalina came over to help celebrate.

Our first (and maybe last) care package. Tim's parents sent birthday gifts for Tanner and Tim. It took over one month to get here and the shipping was exorbitant. Thank you Oma and Opa! It was such a treat!

Tanner finally has another boy his age to play with!The kids "graduated" from CISA. They now have a nanny who comes to our house every day. It's very handy because she lives next door to us! Her name is Mireya and the kids love her. So do Tim and I. She has been a God send. She even does our laundry and cleans house. We can't stop her, it's the Costa Rican way. The kids love to help her. She also plays with the kids, digging in the dirt or having pretend birthday parties!

We drove 1 1/2 hours to get to a McDonalds. We had sundae's and celebrated Laura graduating to the first grade (at least at home). Congratulations, Laura!


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