Saturday, July 5, 2008

More prayer requests

We thank you so much for your prayers. We can't say how important your prayers are!

Here are some things that we would so appreciate prayers for:

*It is possible that we could extend our time here at Tuis. EMI said if necessary we could stay longer and when we talked with CISA, we were told that they would work with us to make it possible. The school quiets down in the fall and we would get more individual attention. This could help us work on our weaknesses in Spanish and help "polish off" our Spanish so we are better equipped for ministry. This is the time to focus on our Spanish and we are realizing how important it is to ministry to be able to communicate effectively in the language here. Please pray for wisdom as we make this decision.

*I have been moved to a more advanced/accelerated class. This has required way more time devoted to study and it has been overwhelming. Please pray that I can keep up with my studies without neglecting my family! I have been so tired mentally from the added challenge, but am thankful for all that I'm learning.

*Tanner decided that he did NOT want to attend the preschool here. He is content to be at CISA with us and is doing well there. He often has one-one attention in his class which he loves. Lately he has been pretty clingy and talks about wanting to jump into the computer and go to Oregon. He misses all his "buddies" back home. The only friend that he has who is his age has only one week left at the school. Other than her all his friends are older or are adults who he talks into playing with him.

*Our car keeps having minor issues. Now something is wrong with the electrical system where the fuses to various lights (dash lights, brake lights) keep burning out. We believe that something got damaged when the alarm system was removed since that is when the problem started. It is a challenge taking the car to the mechanic because we must rely on the help of locals who know the system and language better than we do. Though we are thankful for the help, it is hard to have less independence than we are used to.

*The company that makes Coumadin in Costa Rica recently shut down. I'm in the process of figuring out how to get my medicine through the government as it is not available in the pharmacies. Monday I'll try to get a card that will allow me to obtain my medicine at the local hospital. I've been told that it will not be a problem for me to get this card. In the meantime the local pharmacist that I use was able to get me a two month supply of Coumadin from the hospital and told me that he can get me more when I need it. The good news is that the medicine is now free! I also found out that there are doctors here who are trained in anticoagulation therapy and that there are 3 anticoagulation clinics in the country. Now I just need to be in contact with one of these doctors and/or clinics and find out how I can be a patient! Then I'll be set up just as I was in the States!

*Tanner is at the age that we had hoped to be able to adopt 1-2 more children. We have been in a "waiting" mode on this, just praying that if it is God's will He will pave the way. Well, Tim was asked recently by his teacher if we want more children. Tim said that we would like to adopt, but have been told that it isn't possible for us to adopt here. The teacher said that he knows someone who helps people adopt and that this isn't true. Tim's teacher talked with his friend and now we will be setting up an appointment to meet with him! This friend said that we should start on our paperwork now as it will take a year (which may mean more than a year) to complete and process. We will take this one step at a time and trust that God will work out all the details...

*I'm going to Chirripo this coming week (see "I'm going to Chirripo!" post below). Prayer for safety/protection for our team and for sanity for Tim as he is on his own with the kids.

*Praise that Laura is doing so much better here. She loves her school, has made lots of new friends, and is very happy and content now!

*Praise that our family is staying healthy, that we see God at work in our lives, that we see his protection daily, and that we are learning the language poco y poco (little by little)! God's richest blessings to you!

Cindy for our whole family

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Jennifer said...

my dear friends - of course I read this as soon as you posted it, but I have read it over and over again. How I am blessed by hearing how God has worked in your life. I miss you and think of you often.