Wednesday, February 12, 2014

God is Good!

Wow!  God is moving in our lives; your prayers have been effective in calling the Lord’s blessings on our lives!

While we waited on the Lord over these past few months we’ve gone through many emotions.  Waiting refines your faith, let me tell you.  God seemed to be telling us, “just hold on, I’m working on that.  You can do your own thing now or wait for Me to move.”  We knew God would move and we struggled against our impatience.

May He be praised, as we waited we began to see more and more how much He wanted to bless us.

God gave us a home for Hershey the cat.  Tanner’s good friend Noel adopted him and we’ve already visited to see that Hershey is adjusting (he comes out from hiding under the bed when we’re there).

God gave a good home for our beloved Cindy the Dog with a loving Costa Rican family; somewhere she can spend the rest of her life since they won’t move away.
China the street dog, Tanner, Cindy the Dog, and Laura on our last day together

God brought a buyer for our car that paid full price and is letting us use the car until our last week here.
1996 Hyundai Santamo - we bought it two days after we arrived in Costa Rica

God provided a great job for Tim at Pinnacle Architecture in Bend with good pay and good benefits!  It feels like the culture of this office will be a good match for Tim as he transitions from EMI back to the professional environment in the States.

We’ve found a good homeschooling community in Redmond, Oregon that will help Cindy and the kids excel in homeschooling as well!

We’re so excited by how God has blessed us!

After this week, the kids get a homeschool break as we spend all next week finalizing packing, closing accounts, and etc. to prepare to fly away from Costa Rica on Friday the 21st.

We’ll spend two weeks in Colorado Springs in debrief and preparation to transition back to US culture.

On March 8, we’ll arrive in Portland, visit family, attend our home church and gather our belongings to move to our new home the week of March 10 so that Tim can start work on Monday March 17!

Please praise the Lord with us!  He has been faithful!

Please pray with us for the Lord’s provision (and our patienceJ) for a home in Sisters, Oregon, the right car, and cell phone.

We’re looking to find a rental in Sisters so we have time to sell our house in Beaverton and find something to buy in Sisters.

We aren’t sure what we will do for a car and need the Lord’s wisdom and provision.

We know we will need cell phones in the States and would like a pair of iPhones.  If any of you have recently upgraded and have one or two old iPhone 4 or 4S stuffed in a drawer that you’d be interested in selling to us, let us know!  We hope to purchase at least one and have it sent to Colorado where we can begin using it when we arrive late next week.

Thank you so much for your prayers!  Thank you so much for your financial support!  You all have been a part of this ministry through how you have enabled us to serve.  We cannot tell you how much we appreciate each of you and we are excited to know that even though we cannot repay you, your reward is waiting in Heaven!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I found your family blog as I searched for Cienega pictures. I just wanted to let you know that I've been encouraged to read a little about your family and I'll be praying for you and your family.