Tuesday, March 8, 2011

La Cienega, Puerto Morelos, Mexico - EMI Project trip #6

Thanks to the Lord, a team of 12 and I were able to join Amor Ministries in Puerto Morelos, Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula as they seek to follow the vision the Lord has given them to build a University.  They envision a University offering Spanish classes to missionaries planning to serve in Latina America.  They will also offer English classes to the locals to allow them to work in the Tourist Industry.  The Spanish school will generate revenue to offset the costs of providing a seminary to Mexican Pastors.  According to Amor, there are less than 80 PhD's in Bible Missiology in Latina America and the majority of them are over 60 years old.  Amor is called to train up the next generation of Pastors through this University.

Here are some photos from the trip.  May the Lord bless the work of EMI's volunteers and may He bless the mission to which He has called Amor Ministries.

May the Lord bless you richly as you support the work of Amor through your support for me and my family!  I love my job!
Scott Coughlin shared the vision that the Lord has given him and his wife Gayla for this project.
The Amor Ministries team that came to Mexico to help us design the project.
The hood of a rental car as a layout table.  We reviewed the site drawing just before walking the site.
A cenote typical of the project site and typical of the Yucatan Peninsula.
Walking the project site.
We visited a local church of the people who could benefit from the project we are designing.
Scott Coughlin shared a message of encouragement with the people.
The church welcomed us to their Valentine's Day celebration.
These kids could be students at the project.
We visited Rafael's office, a local architect.
Rafael helped us with questions about the project.
We visited a local hardware store where we were asked not to take anymore pictures.
Then we worked in the daytime.
And we worked in the night time.
Insect repellent was vital on this trip.
Sometimes we found opportunities to sleep.
While we were there a passing 18-wheeler ran into the telephone/internet cable.  The team nearly came apart before we restored internet.
Local sights of Mexico.
Local sights of Mexico.
On Friday we made our final presentation to the ministry.
And on Friday night we relaxed at Playa del Carmen.
The interns hung out with Pancho Via.
And we loved the Caribbean beach.

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Rebeca said...

We spent three weeks in Puerto Morelos a few years ago!