Monday, March 28, 2011

Homeschooling Adventures

So we took the plunge and enrolled the kids in a private school where they have 1-1 tutoring and tailored teaching.  The teacher loves them very much and seems to be having a lot of fun teaching them.  There is no commute, no uniforms to iron or lunches to pack, and their evenings and weekends are free as they are able to finish all of their school work during the day.  The cost is next to nothing and the results have been amazing!  The kids are learning a ton and growing in character.  Where did we find such a school?  Why, we opened one ourselves, right in our own home!  You may know the popular name of such a school: "Home School".  Makes sense since it is school at home!

What do we teach?  Well, Bible, manners, and Christ-like character are at the top.  Our academic subjects include math (Saxon Math), grammar (Shurley English), spelling and penmanship (Spell to Write and Read).  For writing we do copywork, letter writing, narration, and dictation. They also write sentences for spelling and penmanship and Laura is doing expository writng in grammar.   We are doing various unit studies for history and science. We do a bunch of other things in smaller amounts, but I'll write about that at another time.

I've been taking pictures along the way, but haven't had or taken the time to post them.  I hope for this to be one of many entries on our homeschooling adventure so that is why it has a #1 after the title. 

Bird watching on our rainforest field trip.

Tanner, crowned king of the "Sentence Kingdom".

Hard at work!

Playing Indian campout.  Will be much more fun once we have our teepee made!

Studying with their Spanish tutor.

Working on their model volcano. 

Nature study on our rainforest field trip.

Fun to study outside...

Or on a bed!


Responsible Alert Driver School LLC said...

Tim and Cindy! Yours is a delightful blog!

Congratulations on your first successes shortly after establishing Clem School!

We, Martha and Michael McKibbin from North Idaho, discovered you as we were reviewing Voz que Clama Mission. We are searching for a community to serve that matches the passions the Lord has put on our hearts.

Our oldest daughter is a Junior at the University of Idaho studying civil engineering. She has considered specializing in water development where there is none. Her priority is loving people for and with Christ, over and above a career path. She has also considered interning with an NGO or mission like EMI, between her junior and senior year.

Our other daughter is in her first year at Carroll College, studying health sciences. She has been seeking ways to serve in health in a missions setting as she pursues a physician’s assistant track. Joy has a desire to work in an orphanage.

Both girls are exceptional in working with children and teens.

Our son, is dual enrolled in high school and college, is passionate about reaching his peers in his own culture.

Michael has served as youth pastor, Christian school teacher, and public teacher. He plans to learn Spanish and is seeking how best to serve in anti human trafficking and fair trade.

Martha has taught at the same Christian school for 14 years. She would love to see her family members serving in their areas of gifting.

So, do you know of communities where we might each be able to give of our talents?

We look forward to hearing from you!

In His service,

Michael & Martha 208.819.2559


What a wonderful idea! This requires a lot from you, Cindy, but I imagine you will learn along with the children ; ) When I did this with Stephanie, she loved it. I was only sorry it had not been available for Erik. They will feel so safe and loved with you as their teacher, and will flourish and grow in so many ways.

Marcos said...

Tim and Cindy...
It's awesome reading your blog and keeping up with ya'll... Espero que las bendiciones del Señor caigan en planitud sobre su hogar y desborde a la comunidad de Atenas, Costa Rica, Latinoamerica y todos los lugares que reciben de su trabajo con EMI.
Escuché que Tom regresó a EEUU. Si es verdad me da tristeza porque era buen lider. Disfuto las memorias que tengo de el y su familia. Porfavor dele un gran abrazo a los chiquitos...

Rebeca said...

Looks like a most wonderful school! I owe you some communication... just terribly behind. :>