Saturday, November 8, 2008

November Update

We only have two weeks left of language school! It is hard to believe how fast the time has gone. I have been wanting to post an update, but we no longer have Internet at our house. Now we have joined the ranks of people here who go to an Internet cafe or use a friends Internet. We are also able to use the Internet at our school which is about a 10 minute walk from the house.

Here are some answered prayers from the last prayer report:

Our "Cedulas" or residency cards arrived safely in the mail on October 29 and the next day Tim was able to sign us up for "seguro social" or social security here without any difficulties. So now we have temporal residency in Costa Rica and we are also part of the social health care system here.

Last weekend we went to Atenas to look at a couple of houses and we found a house to rent! It's so nice to know where we will be living soon. We´ll be moving to Atenas at the end of this month. November 21st is our last day of school, November 22 we'll pack up our things, and November 23 we'll be moving to Atenas! We´ll have the last week of November to get somewhat settled into our new house, get the kids registered in school, and any other business stuff. Then we head to Oregon for the month of December!

We found good plane tickets last week so it's official that we are going to Oregon in December!

Laura is doing better and seems less homesick. She is very excited about our new house and about moving to Atenas. She is also very excited about going to Oregon soon!

Tanner is still a skinker, but less of one with my being home more. Now we'll see how it goes with my having a very busy schedule the next couple of weeks!

I will get to go another Chirripo trip again before we move from Tuis! I'll be going this week, November 12-14. Our team will be able to complete a building a project, some will work with the indigenous kids, some will teach the indigenous women how to sew, and some of us will be running a medical clinic. It will be a 4-5 hour hike in, carrying 1-2 heavy wooden planks plus our packs. It is a very tiring trip, but well worth it. I am very excited to get to go again!

These are our biggest prayer requests:

-A smooth transition to Atenas.
-That we´ll make wise decisions on what schools the kids will attend.
-That some medical documents that I need from the States will arrive shortly.
-A safe and productive trip in Chirripo for our whole team.

Thank you so much for your continued prayer support. Your prayers are being answered!


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Anonymous said...

Glory to God for all things! He Who
called you will care for you. Can't
wait to see your dear four faces in
December. Safe journey.
Love, Claud and Michele