Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Set-up" week in Atenas

Our first week in Costa Rica was spent at the Hogar de Vida para la Ninez, a Christian orphanage in Atenas, the city where we will settle after language school. We rented a 325s.f, two bedroom cabin.

This was our first taste of Costa Rican living; walking to town on a dirt road, showering with a "widow maker" and figuring out how to buy groceries. You can't flush the toilet paper, but you can drink the water...from the tap, not from the toilet.

We spent this first week finding our car, a 1996 Hyundai Santamo. It seats seven with the third row seats up. Cindy and I both got Costa Rican drivers licenses. I got two licenses; one for a car and one for a motorcycle. We opened a local bank account, got a cell phone, got local fingerprints for our missionary visa and handed the visa paperwork to the lawyer who will handle the application for us.

We also learned to add at least two hours to the amount of time we think we need to accomplish anything; like posting pictures via a dial-up connection.


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