Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I'm sorry that I don't have some cool pictures of a couple bug visitors that we've had in our house, but I've been too busy running away and screaming. I don't mind bugs in general, if they are small. Most of the bugs here are small, but occasionally a big one likes to make itself known.

During our first week here we stayed at a little cabin/bungalow at an orphanage. They had misunderstood that we were coming the next day so they had not cleaned house for us. When I went to put our groceries away in the fridge I found a giant cockroach in the vegetable crisper. It was dead, but I really wonder how it got in there and if it got so big from feasting on the left over food in there. I threw out the food and Tim threw out the cockroach.

When I was putting away groceries for the first time in our current home I opened up a cupboard to be greeted by a huge brown spider the size of the palm of my hand. The man who had taken us shopping told us that it was not poisonous, just a common house spider. He was kind enough to kill it for us. I have not seen any more of these, but I do open the cupboard doors cautiously.

The other day Tim looked above the archway to our kitchen and saw a huge cockroach. He would sweep it out the door to the pack porch only to have it run back in under the large crack at the bottom of the door. He eventually was able to scoop it up with the broom and throw it out in the yard.

Other bugs here are small and mighty, like the little "hormiga's" that look like sugar ants but have a king size bite. They swarmed up the kids legs one day and left several bite marks. Bigger red ants like to tear apart leaves and carry huge pieces on their backs. They make trails from a tree or bush to their anthill and it looks like a bunch of walking leaves.

We have several loud crickets in our back yard that are black with orange stripes. The kids love to look at them. There are also a large variety of pretty butterflies. The variety that we have seen are black with some type of red or yellow marking.

Not a bug, but also very fun to watch are the gecko's that like to come into our house through the windows each evening to feast on small moths, flies, flying ants, etc.

The kids have an assortment of toy bugs that they love to play with. Some are outside and some are inside. I wonder when the time will come that I go to pick up a fake bug only to find that it is alive!


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