Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The long awaited Trampoline

They were patient.  They saved and saved; Christmas money, birthday money.  They cleaned the neighbor's yard.  They dog-sat. They had a bake sale and lemonade stand.  They worked for it.

I'm proud of Laura and Tanner for working toward a goal.  Both of them wanted a trampoline but we couldn't afford one for them.  So we told them that we would pay for half of the cost if they could save the rest.  They did it!

It took an amazingly long time to assemble, both a Saturday and Sunday afternoon, but the kids helped and when it was done they jumped through sun and rain and even after the sun had gone down.
We started assembly on our porch on Saturday afternoon
By Saturday night we were getting close to completion; but not quite
By Sunday afternoon it was finished!  Intern Aaron came over to help inaugurate the trampoline!
Then of course, mom had to show them how it's done.  Go Cindy!

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