Sunday, May 12, 2013

Celebrating 14 years with my MAN

We have had a tradition for our entire marriage of taking turns planning our anniversary and we always go somewhere overnight.  I plan the odd years and Tim plans the even years of marriage.  Over the years, we have gone to the beach, the mountains, the city, warm springs, volcanoes, etc.  We look forward to it all year and it is always a time of sharing our hopes and dreams, relaxing, and playing.

This year has been our favorite yet!  Tim found a place that was affordable and met both of our desires:  someplace cool and rainy with a nice ambiance and plenty of hiking nearby.  With all the unforeseen medical and auto expenses this last year we were disappointed that it looked like we would have to give up our annual get-away.  BUT, God had other ideas.  Thanks to some kind and generous friends who love us :-) we were given a gift that covered a two night stay at Poas Lodge near Volcano Poas, all meals, and entrance to La Paz (Peace) Waterfall nature resort/park, both of which we highly recommend. 

We have taken a lot of pictures and have an album on facebook, but here are a few highlights:

Don't we look happy?
Love the exotic plants here!

Look of contentment

My new friend...for 10 seconds

Tiger Butterfly on Heliconia plant

We hiked to several beautiful waterfalls

Poison Dart frog

View from our room 


Panoramic view from Poas Lodge.  It overlooks the entire Central Valley!

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