Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New at this blogging thing

Ok, I don't really know what I'm doing. I thought that it would be great to have a blog to journal and post pictures of our life in Costa Rica. I'm just figuring out how this works, but hope that it will be a fun thing especially for family and friends.

Here is our upcoming schedule:

~April 24 Catch early morning flight to Costa Rica, Arrive to Costa Rica at 8:39 pm C.R. time
~April 25-May 1 or 2 Stay in Atenas, Costa Rica; Buy car and get Visa paperwork in order.
~May 1 or 2 Move to CISA language school in Turrialba, Costa Rica; Get settled into our house.
~May 5 Begin studies at CISA. We'll be in language school for 4 months with a week break every 6 weeks.


~God found good renters for our home without our advertizing
~God found a good home for our kitty just days before time ran out
~So far obtaining paperwork for our Visa has gone smoothly
~God provided us with wonderful places to stay as we await our departure to Costa Rica
~ We finally have a date and plane tickets!!!

Prayer requests:

~That we'll have all our necessary documents in hand by the time we must leave the States
~That we'll be able to find a car during our short stay in Atenas
~Wisdom in knowing what to bring and what to leave behind
~Wisdom in knowing how to help the kids adjust to the many changes they are facing
~A smooth transition to life in Costa Rica
~That we'll all absorb the Spanish Language like a sponge while at language school!
~Travel safety


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